Corrections to Email, High School Name in StudentForms

The correction files generated in StudentForms currently does not handle corrections to the ISIR fields of Student E-mail Address, High School Name, or Parent's E-mail Address.  What occurs in StudentForms if these fields are marked as a correction needed in Full File review, when the correct ISIR comes back in the file remains in a processing corrections status because the expected corrections were not made. 

We are working to correct the issue. Until then, if changes need to be made to these fields, The school should still mark the field in StudentForms but the school may make the updates through FAA Access to CPS Online. Once the corrected ISIR is received as long as the corrections indicated in StudentForms match the corrections made through FAA Access to CPS Online, the transaction should go to verified. If the changes are not indicated in StudentForms, this will cause the file to be re-opened for unexpected corrections.

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