CampusLogic Privacy and Cookie Policy

On September 13, 2018, we released the CampusLogic's Privacy and Cookie Policy for all users to accept, in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Two concerns have come up since the release, stemming from student confusion around branding:

1) The CampusLogic logo appears in the Privacy and Cookie Policy modal.

  • Solution: We will be removing the CampusLogic logo and replacing with your institutional logo.
  • ETA: 9/14/2018
  • Status: Fixed

2) The CampusLogic name appears in the Privacy and Cookie Policy modal, as opposed to your institute's name.

  • Solution: We are currently working with our legal team to determine solution.
  • ETA: Early next week
  • Status: In Progress

Update: We have had reports from a few schools of student concerns with the new policy statement, especially for students returning to the system after previously creating an account. Generally the concern centered around the use of the CampusLogic brand which your students are not familiar with and with the overall intrusiveness of the policy in the login flow. 

We spent last week consulting with our legal team about a less intrusive process that would still protect you the institution and CampusLogic from the overly steep GDPR penalties for infractions (see GDPR Compliance Penalties ) and testing solutions internally using web design best practices. 

The following updates to the policy process have been made in your production environments as of today Monday, September 24th, 2018.

  • New Student Registration Process: Students are no longer forced to open and scroll through the entire policy but now have a less intrusive acceptance checkbox similar to consumer websites. If the student does not check the checkbox they are not allowed to move forward just as consumer website would. Our data shows that only two students opted out of the new registration process across the nearly 200 StudentForms customers. An institution can identify these students using the same process and Account Creation report to identify students who do not create an account. 

  • Returning Student Process: Early feedback from the few schools reporting issues sited the use of CampusLogic's logo and that the text of the policy made reference only CampusLogic. The use of CampusLogic information is actually required to protect the organization as the provider of the tool to your institution. However, we have made accommodations that early testing suggests will alleviate some if not all of the students' concerns. 
    • Removal of CampusLogic logo and replaced with institution's logo: Testing showed this to be an issue for SSO customers in particular because the student was leaving a school branded website and the intercepting policy page was branded differently. 
    • Addition of Explanatory Introduction Prior to Policy: To alleviate the concerns about the use of the CampusLogic name, we have included an explanation that is included below. The explanation begins with the Institution's name and explains the relationship with CampusLogic as a tool for collecting information related to the Financial Aid process but that CampusLogic does not access or use their data. 
    • Removed Scroll Requirements: Again to reduce the intrusion of the policy, we removed the requirement that the student scroll to the bottom of the policy to accept it.
  • Pending Updates - Restyling of the privacy policy for students returning via SSO. Likely tomorrow based on testing the screen shown to students coming to our platform via SSO will have a cleaner more professional and consent style that will help reduce concerns that the student has left your institution's systems. 

  • Pending Reporting - While the Account Creation report can be used to identify new students who do not accept the terms and therefore do not create an account. We are designing and testing opt out reporting for the SSO students so that an institution can follow up with them. We anticipate releasing this later this week. 

Below is the new language added to the policy that can also be used for internal communications to students:

[Insert Name] knows how important it is for you to know how information about you is collected and used, and we value your privacy. [Institution Name] uses CampusLogic products and tools to simplify the financial aid process for students. To process financial aid, we collect personally identifiable information through these tools. CampusLogic is dedicated to protecting your data and will spare no expense to keep it secure. We encourage you to read the privacy policy to understand how we collect and use your data.  

We appreciate your patience while we have been refining this process while also attempting to protect your institution. If you have additional questions, concerns or feedback please reach out to your customer success manager. 

Chris Chumley


Update: The branding, content and styling changes have all gone into production.  The opt reporting is still in progress. It still needs to go through testing so will not make this week as far as a deployment but should be ready early next week. Please stay tune to the update messages within the application and the associated release notes.