Error Received During Document Review for 2018 Tax Return/Transcript in 2019-2020 PJ EFC Transactions - Resolved

For 2019-2020 PJ EFC Transactions when a school user requests either a 2018 Signed Federal IRS Form 1040 or a 2018 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript, the school user is receiving an error code when opening the document for review on the school side. The issue is due to the ISIR fields that are no longer associated with the 2018 tax documents that are still expected based on the base tax year (2017) used for 2019-2020 transactions. 

For 2017 and prior tax documents the ISIR fields that are expected for 2019-2020 transactions are:

  • Eligible to File 1040A or 1040 EZ
  • Exemptions Claimed
  • Untaxed Pensions 
  • IRA Distributions

For 2018 and beyond tax documents, the above fields no longer appear on the ISIR or were replaced by other fields:

  • Filed a Schedule 1
  • Untaxed Portion of IRA Distributions and Pensions

CampusLogic is making an update to StudentForms to allow for the 2018 tax documents to be reviewed and the school to continue processing their 2019-2020 PJ EFC transactions.  Once the update has been released into production, we will update this post and provide release notes.

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