2020 - 2021 ISIR Correction Issue - Resolved

10/28/2019 - Update

The 2020-2021 corrections file was fixed during a patch deployment on Friday 10/25/2019.  The fix was to adjust the CPS Corr #s to match the 2020-2021 Correction Data Entry Specifications located in the EDE Technical Reference Section 4. Schools may begin to use the correction files that are generated from StudentForms for all active award years.

10/23/2019 - Original Post

Due to changes in the ISIR file layout for the 2020-2021 aid year, the correction file lay out specifications were also updated.

CampusLogic has identified an issue with the 2020-2021 ISIR correction files being generated from StudentForms causing errors and or corrections to fail. This item has been expedited, due to its nature and the team is actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Correction files for 2020-2021 should not be generated and or sent from StudentForms until this is resolved. Correction files for the 2019-2020 aid year are working appropriately.

If a school is unable to wait for the issue to be resolved, they may make corrections directly in FAA Access to CPS Online as a workaround.

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