Events not being posted from PlatformManager to CLConnect.

CampusLogic has been made aware of an issue where events were not being posted from PlatformManager to CLConnect. Two of the servers that send the events became corrupt and would throw occasional failures without logging the attempt to send the event and in some cases would result in simply delaying the sending of the event upon retry if it was picked up by one of the servers that was operating normally. Deleting and re-creating those servers resolved the issue and a ticket has been submitted to Microsoft in regards to the root cause of the corruption.  We have identified all the failed events. We have populated the failed events in the impacted Production environments. Customers have the option to either query for failed events and resend or be selective on which events you would like to resend. The interface supports doing a bulk select for re-send or individual re-sending based on preference. 

Additional information regarding adding a Student ID column to the event notification log may be viewed here.