Comment Code 126(Reject 20) not populating for 2020-2021

For the 2020-2021 FAFSA it has been identified that the Parent High Income task was not populating for comment code 126(reject 20). For the California DREAM ISIRs that have comment code 126(reject 20), they may receive both the Parent High Income task and the Parent High Income (DREAM) task. The issue has been identified and resolved for students whose 2020-2021 verification transaction has not been opened.

In StudentForms, ISIRs that meet the following conditions receive a student actionable task for comment 126(reject 20)

(Not Selected for Verification or Selected for V4 verification) and

Has comment code 126(reject 20)

Students who are selected for V1 or V5 verification do not receive a separate task for comment code 126(reject 20), as it is expected that the issue regarding the income would be resolved during the verification process using the tax documentation submitted by the student.

We will identify students whose most recent ISIR has a comment code 126(reject 20) and have a 2020-2021 verification transaction opened. Your Customer Success Manager will contact the schools who have students that may be missing the task.

The Parent High Income task in StudentForms is a log into FAFSA wait task, instructing the student to log into their FAFSA to review the parent income information and correct if it is inaccurate. Once the subsequent ISIR is received without the comment 126(reject 20) the task is removed. If a student is found that has comment code 126(reject 20) on their most recent ISIR without the Parent High Income task, the workaround would be for the school to review the parent income information to determine if documentation from the student is needed or to have the student/parent correct the income information on the FAFSA to resolve the issue and receive an ISIR without comment 126(reject 20).

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