Cal DREAM Applications Selective Service C Code 020 Requirements Waived

Note: The executive order below was specific to the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 award years.  At this time, the award year 2021-2022 is not included in the executive order, for 2021-2022 students will receive the selective service task in StudentForms if c code 020 is on the 2021-2022 CAL DREAM ISIR.  

Update 07/10/2020 - As of the deployment on 07/02/2020, CAL DREAM ISIRs in StudentForms will no longer receive the task for Selective Service comment code 020 for academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Students who have previously had their 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 verification transaction opened with the task, the school would continue to follow the workaround provided below.  

Original Post 05/28/2020

Recent guidance provided by the California Student Aid Commission on an Executive Order from Governor Newsom provides a provision to ease administrative requirements for Cal Grant eligibility. The CSAC alert may be viewed here.

Within the executive order is a provision for selective service verification for DREAM act applicants, provided below:

"The requirement in Education Code Sections 69433.9 and 69400 and any accompanying regulations or formal policy to verify Selective Service registration is waived for applicants eligible for Cal Grants pursuant to Education Code section 69508.5 for the grants received for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years."

CampusLogic is reviewing this guidance and determining the best way to move forward for schools with California DREAM applications. 

As a workaround, a school may use the Outstanding Student Tasks report to identify students with a Selective Service (DREAM) task outstanding and waive the task for their DREAM Act application students.

This communication is not meant as regulatory guidance or advice to a school. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that the implementation, configuration, updates to, and utilization of the tool set purchased from CampusLogic are meeting Federal and State regulatory requirements/sub regulatory guidance, institutional polices, and accrediting body standards and requirements.  

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