Cal ISIR Imports Showing as Invalid in StudentForms - Updated 10/13/2020

Update 10/13/2020 - CSAC has provided notification through their CSAC list that the issue with the 2020-2021 Cal ISIR imports has been resolved. The 2020-2021 Cal ISIRs have been corrected starting with the 10/10/2020 data file, and that they have reprocessed files from 10/01/2020, 10/03/2020, and 10/06/2020, the reprocessed files were included in the 10/10/2020 data file. The updated notification is attached below. 

Update 10/08/2020 - CSAC has provided the attached communication through their CSAC list about the issue.

Update 10/07/2020 - CampusLogic has been notified by email that CSAC has been made aware of the issue and they are researching the issue with their IT department. They will provide updates through their list-serv communications.

Original Issue 10/05/2020 - Beginning on 10/01/2020, for schools who have imported their 2020-2021 Cal ISIRs into StudentForms, the Cal ISIRs have gone into the Invalid ISIR column. This is due to two additional blank fields have been inserted in the Cal ISIRs between the Student's Income Taxes Paid field and the Student's Income Earned From Work Field in positions 388 and 389.  With the insertion of the additional blank spaces this causes the Student's Income Earned From Work field to be shifted by two places from position 388-394 to position 390-396, the Cal ISIRs being imported no longer match the Cal ISIR file layout provided by CSAC. Prior to 10/01/2020, the Cal ISIRs received matched the Cal ISIR layout provided by CSAC and imported succesfully into StudentForms. 

There are also two additional blank fields that have been inserted in the Cal ISIRs between the Parents' Income Taxes Paid and Parent 1's Income Earned from Work fields in positions 766 and 767. With the insertion of the additional blank spaces this causes the Parent 1 Income Earned from Work to be shifted from 766-772 to 768-774.

CampusLogic has reached out to CSAC to identify why the additional blank fields are being included in the 2020-2021 Cal ISIR files that does not match their Cal ISIR file layout documentation.  Once we receive information from CSAC about the extra blank fields, CampusLogic will review to determine next steps.  We will update this known issue once more information is received.