Duplicate, Invalid and Inappropriate Values in ScholarshipUniverse

Due to a bug, customers have been allowed to add values to global list seen by all customers. This has lead to some duplicate values, invalid or school specific issues, and other inappropriate values in matching and application questions. 

We are working diligently to clean up the lists with these issues.  As of the last release, the bug has been corrected the lists can no longer be modified by end users (ScholarshipUniverse Release Notes). If you would like to propose a new value to a global list, suggestions can be made via a Freshdesk ticket that will be considered by the Product Team.  

Thanks for informing.

hey, We are providing eagleapk scholarship for students

We are contacting you because of a new scholarship opportunity for students.

Our scholarship is called a $1000 Eagle Apk Scholarship, and it’s designed to help the students who are currently studying in the areas of engineering, science, literature, and law. We run this scholarship program every year.

Link to our Scholarship page: https://eagleapk.com/eagle-apk-scholarship-for-talented-students/

Award: $1000

Deadline: Feb 2022

Here is the list of our requirements:

Contact Information (Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Mailing Address)

Education Background (High School, High School Graduation Date, College)

Quick Biography (300-500) words that will accompany your essay if it is selected for our award. Share a little about yourself with everyone that will ready your essay.

Essay (Please include a 1000 word essay on the topic of what’s new in upcoming Android applications Feel free to include personal stories or related to android games.

We would be honored if you’d be kind enough to add our award to your

scholarship page

Thank you,

Team Eagle Apk

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