Resolved - Electronic Signatures on tax returns – opt out

Update 03/25/2021 - With the deployment of StudentForms on 03/23/2021 an enhancement was made to the e-signature process on uploaded PDFs of the Student's Federal Tax Return Form 1040 to allow the student to opt out of e-sign. The enhancement also included removing the signature requirement on uploads of IRS Tax Return Transcripts. For more information on the changes, see the release notes here

Original Post

An update was made to StudentForms to allow the collection of electronic signature on the tax documents on 2/24. This being said, our team has identified a gap in the current implementation that does not allow the student to opt out of the e-signature on a tax form if the configuration is turned on. We are working to address this item before institutions turn on the functionality within StudentForms. Updates on the progress of this issue will be made to this article as well as in release notes.

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