New Award Year Reminder Notification Sent to Students Without a Selective Service Task

Federal guidance no longer requires schools to resolve issues with selective service for the 2022-2023 award year, but many states still require collecting the documentation for state aid. While many institutions opted out of collecting the documentation altogether using custom triggers, other schools are still generating the tasks using the selective service codes still generated on the federal ISIR. The New Award Year Reminder notification is triggered by incoming new award year ISIRs for students with existing accounts who have any student actionable codes, including selective service codes. 

A low percentage of students are found to have received this communication due to the selective service code found on the ISIR, but upon login find that there are no tasks available to complete because an institution's custom trigger has removed it. This occurrence only happens for students with existing student accounts who only have the selective service comment code and were not selected for verification or do not have any other student actionable codes that would generate additional tasks within the Verification transaction.

CampusLogic is investigating how to resolve the issue, but in the meantime please be aware that if this occurs that students can be advised to disregard the notification.

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