A school user can search for a student from anywhere in the application.  The search box is located in the navigation bar.  When using the search function a user can complete a single criteria search for first name, last name, student id, or SSN.  Combination searches are not allowed in the search box, the user must use the advance search option.

The user does not need to enter an exact match to locate a student, instead he/she can do a partial search of either first, last name, or student id.  

For example if searching for Sarah Smith, entering smit in the search box would return all students who have a first name that begins with smit or a last name that begins with smit. 

Please Note: Student id searches can only be performed after the student or school has provided the student id and the student has created their account.
SSN searches must contain full SSN or a partial search by SSN can be completed using the last 4 of the SSN.

After selecting the student from the search results, the school user is taken to the student's account page.

  • A minimum of two characters (alpha or numeric) are required to initiate the search functionality.

StudentForms has an advanced search feature.  To access the advance search the school user can select the advanced link next to the search box or "show advanced search" above the search results table.

The advanced search can be used to enter multiple criteria searches, restrict the search to a specific award year or restrict the search by account status.