Defaulted - School Actionable

The school actionable comment codes that appear in the actionable ISIR column on the ISIR Import Screen are: 116, 254, 255, 256, 260, 346, 347, 359, 360, 392 and 393. These c codes are considered school actionable and do not automatically create a task for the student. This is because the school may already have access to documentation to clear these c codes prior to asking the student to take action. If the school determines that they would like to request additional documentation from the student, they may do one of the following:

  • Using the request information button on the verification transaction screen to ask for desired documentation (if a transaction does not exist, the school user will need to request one before adding a request)
  • Using the bulk action to request documents for all students who meet their criteria 
  • Discuss the option of automating documentation requests for school actionable c codes with school's customer success manager.  

Configurable - School Actionable

Dependent upon the school settings additional c codes may appear in the school actionable list.

  • For citizenship status c codes, if a school enables the setting Only allow upload if US Citizen, comment codes 046, 105, 109, and 144 become school actionable and the student does not receive a task.
  • For Unusual Enrollment History c codes, a school may enable an unusual enrollment history task for c code 359, 360 or both. Please review the release notes from October 23, 2019 for information on how to enable these settings. If the settings are not enabled, the usual enrollment history c codes remain school actionable.

Invalid ISIRs - School Actionable

If the student has a reject or c code for an unsuccessful match with the SSA on their name, date of birth, or SSN the student ISIR will be in the invalid ISIR column. 

  • These comment codes are: 024, 059, 060, 061, 063, 064, 076, 140, 145. 
  • Student will not be able to create an account until the issue with the SSN Match has been resolved for issues with name, DOB or SSN and the student receives a value of 4 for the SSN Match Flag on the ISIR.
  • If the student has not signed their initial FAFSA application and has a missing signature reject 14, 16 or comment codes 110, 160, their FAFSA does not get sent for the SSA check and are in the invalid ISIRs column until they sign their FAFSA and receive a value of 4 for the SSN Match Flag. Missing Student and/or Parent Signature on FAFSA/ISIR

If the student has other c codes on their ISIR the student receives tasks relating to those c codes. It is only the actionable ISIR comment codes listed below for which the student does not receive a task.

Below is the list of school actionable c codes with a short description of each code.

Comment Code

Reject Code


Student is unable to create an account, School Actionable for Follow Up



Student SSN/Citizenship not confirmed


N, 5, 13, 14, 16

Student last name or DOB missing



Student DOB mismatch with SSA



Student name mismatch with SSA



SSN and DOB mismatch with SSA



SSN and name mismatch with SSA



SSN is for deceased person



SSN belongs to deceased person



SSN belongs to deceased person

School actionable if school has setting enable Only Allow Document Upload if US Citizen



Unconfirmed noncitizen status with USCIS



Noncitizen unconfirmed with USCIS



Unconfirmed noncitizen missing information



Unconfirmed noncitizen status with USCIS

School actionable if school Does Not have setting(s) enabled Unusual Enrollment Documentation



Unusual Enrollment History



Unusual Enrollment History

Always school actionable c codes



Loans in Active Bankruptcy



May Exceed Subsidized Aggregate Limit 



May Exceed Undergraduate Aggregate Limit



May Exceed Total Loan Aggregate Limit



May Exceed Total Loan Aggregate Limit



Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used



Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used



Exceeds Aggregate Limit, Reaffirmed Debt with Lender



Exceeds Aggregate Limit, Reaffirmed Debt with Lender

To view a list of comment and reject codes that have a student task associated with them click here.