The school administrator has the ability to waive tasks prior to the student submitting the task. The school administrator does not have the ability to remove requirements.  Once a task is waived by the school administrator the student will no longer see the task when they log in.  

Only an entire task may be waived, individual steps within the task may not be waived.  If the student or school feel that the upload step is not required, the student should review the web form or options that they chose within the task to ensure that these are correct as these determine the documents the student is required to upload.  

The school user will navigate to the student's transaction page through the workflow or after searching for the student, selecting the transaction type from the transaction type drop down menu on the student's account page.

Once on the transaction page, the school administrator selects the student view tab.

  • In the student view tab tasks that may be waived will have a waive button next to the task.  
  • The school administrator selects the waive button to waive the task.  
  • A school user can only waive a task as long as the student has not submitted the task. 

The school administrator is required to confirm that they would like to waive the task.

Please Note: If the student has started to upload documents to the task but has not submitted the task, any documents uploaded will be removed permanently from StudentVerification when waiving a task.

The school administrator may undo the waived task by selecting the button again. 

If the school would like to expire the entire transaction for an award year for a student, please review Expire Transactions.

Can a task be waived in StudentVerification?

Once the waive button is selected a confirmation box appears. 

  • Selecting the waive task button, waives the task and the student will not see the task when they log into StudentVerification.
  • Selecting cancel, leaves the task visible for the student to complete.

Once the task has been waived, if it was the last task to complete and if school policy permits, the school user may select the finish button to submit the transaction for processing. 

Please note: If a student has started to upload documents to the task but has not submitted the task, any documents uploaded will be removed when the task is waived. Documents are not able to be recovered once removed.

 The task may be unwaived by selecting the unwaive button. 

Please Note: Tasks that the student has submitted are not able to be waived.

Waiving a Step Underneath a Task

When a task has multiple steps underneath it, the steps can also be waived under the following conditions:

  • There are multiple steps - single step tasks are managed by waiving the task
  • The parent task has not been waived - This automatically waives all steps
  • A document has not already been uploaded for this step. The document must be deleted before the step can be waived.

  • If the task is waived and then un-waived, all steps will remain in the state they were prior to the waiving of the task.