Documents are available for review as soon as the student uploads the document into their task. There are several different ways to view the document depending on where the student is within the process. 

Prior to the student submitting an individual task, the document may be reviewed from the student view tab of the transaction page.

The school user will search for the student for whom they would like to view the document.

In the student view tab of the student's transaction page, the school user would select the task.

If the student has uploaded a document to the task but has not submitted the task, the document will appear as a link.  Selecting the link will open the document for review.



All documents are available for review by the school as they are submitted by the student. All documents submitted are available in the document review workflow. They can also be viewed in the document review section of the file review tab of the student's transaction page.

From the document review workflow:


Selecting the Get Next Document button opens the oldest document submitted.  

Selecting the View All link opens the Document Review Grid.  

Document Review Workflow

Document Review Grid

From the file review tab of the student's transaction page.

Specific Student Document Review Section of Student's Page

School users also have the ability to view the web form. Please review How can I view what options the student chose on their web form?