StudentForms does not recommend that schools accept documents by fax or email for security of PII. The student can upload documents directly into StudentForms either by scanning the document into a computer or by using a device with a digital camera (phone, tablet, web camera, digital camera) to take a picture of the document.

If the school chooses to allow a student to submit a document by fax, email, mail, or in person to the school, the school can upload the document on the student’s behalf.  Individuals who have school FAO, school admin, SAP user and PJ user security rights can upload a document for a student.  

This can be accomplished on the Student Page – Student View Tab.  

  • The school user expands the task requiring the document upload 
  • Select the upload button 

  • The school user selects the document to be uploaded

  • The document preview screen is opened for the user
  • User determines if the document is complete (not blurry, all pages)
  • Selects use if document is acceptable, select discard if user wants to upload a different document  
  • If additional pages need to be uploaded the school user selects Add Pages

Once the document has been uploaded it is up to the school to determine if their policy will allow the school user to select the submit button for the document and the finish button if all tasks are completed.  If the school chooses not to select submit and/or finish, the student will receive an outstanding task reminder as long as the school has chosen to use the reminders from StudentForms.

After all tasks are submitted, the school has the option to turn on the auto finish setting. If turned on the auto finish setting automatically clicks the finish button after a specified amount of time.