The request for tax transcript documentation is determined by the responses to the tax filing questions on the household web form. If a student indicates that the student, spouse or student’s parents did not file taxes and were not required to file taxes, they will not be presented with tax transcript upload tasks.  

If on the student's ISIR, the student or parent IRS DRT code is 02, 03, or 07 and IRS Data Field flags remain unchanged except for the data field flags for rollovers, the student taxes and parent taxes sections do not appear in the web form.

Depending on the school’s verification policies and procedures, the FAO may be required to review both the web form responses and the ISIR to determine if conflicting information exists or additional information is required.

Please review the Reminders training video for more examples of how the information provided in the webform, option(s) chosen in the web forms or tasks determine the documents the student is required to provide. 

Please Note: If the student or school believes that the document request is not correct, the school should direct the student to review their answers on the web form or task to determine if the student needs to select a different option or correct information provided.