The school administrator has the ability to delete a document from a student’s account.  The delete option should only be used to remove a document that has been uploaded into the incorrect student’s account.  

  • The delete document feature is accessed in the specific student’s transaction page in the document section of the file review tab. 
  • Only documents that are have not been accepted/completed are able to be deleted.

Please Note:  Documents deleted from StudentVerification in this manner are permanently deleted and are not able to be recovered. If the document is required, the student or the school will need to upload the document again.

  1. Select the check box next to the document uploaded into the incorrect student’s account.
  2. Select the delete document button that appears once a check box has been selected.

  1. The school user must enter a reason for document deletion for auditing purposes.
  2. Comment is not viewable in system but can be viewed on deleted documents report.
  3. Delete will bring up a delete confirmation box. (Pictured below)
  4. Cancel will cancel deletion and return to student’s file review screen.