The tax documentation requested is based only on the options chosen by the student in the taxes section of the web form.  The tax information entered into the web form and the tax tasks populated do not get compared to the ISIR tax information.

In the web form the taxes section may have multiple options for the student to choose.

The options first indicate the student and/or parents marital status, i.e. I am Single, I am Married, I am Separated/Divorced/Widowed, My parent is single, My parents are married, etc.

The second part of the option indicates how the student filed their taxes, i.e. filed jointly, filed separately, etc.  This may also populate an additional drop down with options on how the student would like to provide tax documentation to the school.  

  • If the student chooses they will file taxes in the web form, StudentVerification will request a form 4868 and W-2 forms, even if on the FAFSA they indicated they already completed taxes. 
  • If the student indicates they had income earned from work but did not and were not required to file taxes, they will be asked to upload w-2 forms. 
  • If the student indicates on the web form that had no income earned from work, they did not and were not required to file taxes, no tax documentation will be requested.
  • If the student indicates that they or their parent will use the IRS DRT, they will receive a Log into FAFSA step, this step remains until a subsequent ISIR is received by the school and uploaded into StudentVerification with the appropriate IRS DRT 02 code.
  • If the student believes that they are getting the incorrect tax document upload steps, the student will need to correct their options on the household form.

For more information on how the options the student chooses in the web forms determines which tax document the student must upload please see the solution article below.

Tax Document Upload Steps Based on Options Chosen