Single Sign On (SSO)

Please Note: If you are a student or parent user STOP and contact the office of Financial aid at the student's college/university for assistance. The information below is intended for the Office of Financial aid users only. It will not provide information for the student or parent user to access their account. If you are a student or parent user and provide feedback, you will receive a response to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university.

Single Sign On Schools, the student logs in through the school portal using their portal credentials. Returning users are taken directly to their task list. New student users are required to complete the register account screen only (pictured below) the first time they visit StudentForms.

Please note: Based on SSO setup, some of the information in the register account screen is pre-populated. The student may need to update the information to match their FAFSA exactly for First and Last Name.

Direct Sign On (DSO)

The student navigates to their school specific URL. If they have previously created a username and password, they may enter the information and select login.

Please Note: The first time the student visits the site, they will need to create an account by clicking the create account button.

Create Account

In the create account section, the student must provide the following required information:

Students have the ability to create a unique username and password. If assistance is needed, they may select the username and password requirements link to review the requirements.  Additionally, if their username or password does not meet the requirements a notification will appear beneath the field.

Confirm Student Information

In the confirm student information section, the student must match the following information as it appears on their FAFSA:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number

Please Note:

  • These four fields are required in order to verify the student’s identity and link the student’s account with the ISIR that was imported.
  • These four identifying fields must match the FAFSA exactly for an account to be created.
  • The student will not be able to create an account if the student does not have a SSN match flag value of 4 or if the ISIR has a reject code or  a c code for not passing the checks with the Social Security Administration for any of the four identifying fields. 

Student ID- Default option is optional for the student to enter their Student ID if known. A school user with admin access has the ability to change the Student ID settings.

Phone number - If the student enters a phone number in the create account screen they are opting into receive text messages.

Once the student has completed all required information, they can select create account.

Login error codes may be viewed here if a student is having issues creating an account.

Once the account is created successfully, the student is redirected to the login screen to login.

After the student has created their account, they receive an account confirmation email with a link to verify their email address.  If the student does not verify their email address they are not be able to use the forgot username and forgot password links on the login page.  If the student has forgotten either their username or password and has not verified their email, the school user can re-send the verify email through the view settings button on the student's account page.

For more information on Forgot Username and Forgot Password, please see the articles below.

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