Please note: Direct Sign on Schools have the ability to change their password.  Single Sign On Schools do not have the option to change the password due to this is maintained by the school portal not StudentForms.

After the student logs into StudentForms, to update their password or other settings, they click on their name in the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop down menu there are four options: Home, Settings, Account Activity and Logout.

A school user with Admin access has the ability to change student access to profile information in school settings.

Home: Returns the student to their task page.

Settings: Allows student to change their password, email and phone settings

If the student has not verified their email address, the verify button will be present beside the student's email address.  The student must verify their email to use the forgot username or forgot password links on the login screen (Direct Sign On Schools only).

Student changes their settings by selecting the change option from the menu on the left or by selecting the edit (pencil) button. The settings that are available for students to update vary if you are a DSO or SSO school.

Account: Allows student to see their account history.

The student is able to see both account activity and communication activity on their account.  In the account activity tab, the student sees System, Student, Parent and School Activity. It only shows generic school user, it does not provide specific school user information.

Log Out: Logs student out of system.

Please Note: You are a direct sign on school if you login through a StudentForms secure login screen.

You are a single sign on school if you first login to your school's portal on the school's website.