Please Note: If you are a student or parent user STOP and contact the office of Financial aid at the student's college/university for assistance. The information below is intended for the Office of Financial aid users only. It will not provide information for the student or parent user to access their account. If you are a student or parent user and provide feedback, you will receive a response to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university.

  • Direct Sign On (DSO) students and parent users can click the forgot username or password link on the login page.
    • Student and parent must have verified their email address to use forgot password link. If student has not verified email, school user can send verify email communication from the view settings button on the student's account page.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) students use their school portal username and password. Single Sign On Schools should not see the options pictured below. These are not maintained by StudentForms and the student will need to contact their school portal help desk for password or username issues.  

If a student or parent has forgotten their username or password, they can use the links on the login page.

The user is required to enter the email address that is associated with their account and has been verified. If the student or parent does not remember the email address that is associated with their account, a school user may access this information in the view settings option of the student's account page.

Once the email address has been entered, a message appears letting the user know that the request has been submitted. 

An email is sent to the email address provided with the username or password. If the username was forgotten, the email received will supply the username the user created the account with. If the password was forgotten, the email will include a link to reset the password into their browser.

After clicking the link in the email, the user is able to create a new password.

  • Please note: The link will expire after 20 minutes if not used; however, the expiration time can be managed in PlatformMangement under Settings>Platform Communications>PlatformManagement.

If the email is not received:

  • Check junk or spam folders for the email. The link in the email may not work if clicked in a junk or spam folder. The student or parent can either move the email to their inbox or copy and paste the link into their browser.
  • This can indicate that the same email address may have been used for multiple users. For example, prior to July 3rd, 2020, if a parent user has more than one child attending the same university, they were required to create separate parent accounts for each student. These parent accounts may have been created with the same email address.
    • If the other users are known, the user or school can update the duplicate email addresses through the settings option on the user with the duplicate email account. 
    • If the other users are not known, a ticket may be opened to research the other users with the same email address.
      • Please Note: Parents who currently have multiple accounts for more than one student at the same institution will keep their existing accounts. Any new parent account created can link to multiple students if at the same institution.

The student or parent must have verified their email to receive the forgot password email. If the student needs to change the email address on their account, a school user can go into the view settings button on the student's account page, add the email address for the student and then send the verify email communication. Once the email has been verified, the student may use the forgot password link on the login page.

  • Please Note: Student and parent email addresses cannot be the same.

A school user with StudentForms Admin access may also send the reset password email to the student or parent from the view settings button on the student's account page if the email has not yet been verified. 

The school user searches for the student or the student associated with the parent account. On the student's account page there is a parent account information section. The school user selects the view button.

Once in the profile screen, the school user can select the verify button or reset password button to send the email communication to the student or parent.

Additional Password Reset Information:

In some cases, school users or student users may think that they are having to reset their password each time they try to log in. This usually occurs if they are using the incorrect username and receive the invalid username/password message. The user usually resets their password rather than checking if the username is incorrect. If this occurs for a school user or student, the username should be confirmed by either looking at the student's account settings or in the school users screen in the admin settings.