Tasks in StudentForms are populated for the student based on the information that is found on the student’s most recent ISIR transaction. 

  • StudentForms uses comment codes (c codes and rejects), dependency status, verification tracking group, the IRS request flags, the IRS display flags(17-18), and IRS data field flags (18-19), to determine what tasks are assigned to a student’s record. 
  • The student’s task list appears at the time the transaction is created. 
    • For subsequent award years, the tasks are only generated after the the new award year's ISIR has been imported into StudentForms and the student logs into their account.  
      • School users may also request the transaction be opened for the new award year to view tasks prior to the student logging in.
      • StudentForms has a new award year reminder that when enabled is sent to students who have already created their account once the ISIR for the new award year is imported into StudentForms.
  • A task count indicator appears on the Aid Year Tab to indicate how many tasks the student has to complete.

The information that the student provides within each task determines the documents the student is required to upload into StudentForms. If the student believes that they have an upload request that is not applicable to them, they should review the options or information provided previously within the task.

Please review the list of student tasks based on comment code here.