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How Tasks Are Assigned

Please Note: If you are a student or parent user, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid at the institution the student attends for assistance. These articles are for school use only, they are not intended for student or parent use/help.

After the student has logged into StudentForms, they are taken to their task list.

Selecting anywhere on the task expands the task to provide the student additional information about the task. The student can select read more to expand the information about the task.

Within each task, the student has a step or steps to complete. These vary between webforms, requests, downloads, uploads and links. Each step has a tool tip to provide additional information on completing the step. Some tool tips have links to external websites to obtain information required to complete the step.

  • Webforms are forms that a student can fill out within StudentForms and sign electronically.  
  • Requests are for the student to request the parent sign a form electronically. 
  • Downloads are forms the student cannot sign electronically where they need to print out the form, fill out and sign manually or have another person (school employee, third party) sign. 
  • Uploads are a step to upload the requested documentation. 
  • Links take a student to an external website to complete the step i.e. log into the FAFSA, Use the DRT etc.
  • Steps with Options are steps where the documentation required is determined by the option(s) the student chooses from a drop down menu.
  • Submitting/Editing Tasks
  • Additional Task Information


Webforms are forms the student can complete within StudentForms and then the student and parent can sign electronically.  Some webforms have logic built into the form to request additional documentation based on information the student provides in the form.  To complete the webform, the student selects the fill out button.  

The webforms have sections that the student is required to complete. The student is prevented from signing the webform until they have completed all sections. The student may navigate the sections by selecting the section from the list on the left or by selecting the continue button.

Once the student has completed all sections of the webform, they receive a review and sign page.  The student can review the form to make sure it looks correct. If anything needs to be corrected, the student needs to return to the appropriate section to correct. 

If everything looks correct, the student may choose to either e-sign or opt out of e-sign.  If the student chooses to opt out of e-sign, they are required to download and print the form. Once they sign the form manually, they will have a step to upload it back into StudentForms. 

  • SSO schools, the student has a link to create an e-sign pin. More information on creating e-sign pin.
  • DSO schools, the student enters their password for their StudentForms account. 
  • If the student opts out of e-sign, the e-sign button changes to a download button.

Once the student e-signs the form or if opted out of e-sign downloads the form, they are returned to their task list.  Based off of information provided in the webform, the student may have added steps within their task.

The student may also return to the webform after completing it, if they need to update the form, by selecting fill out.  If the student makes any changes to the webform, they must re-sign the webform to have any additional documentation or steps re-evaluated.  If the student has requested the parent e-signature, they must cancel the e-sign request to enable the fill out button.


The parents of a dependent student may need to sign a webform for their student if required.  The student must request the e-signature from the parent by selecting the request button and entering the parent's email address. This email must be different than the one associated to the student's StudentForms account.  If both parents are listed on the ISIR the student may choose which parent to send the request to.  

Once the request has been sent, the parent receives an email asking them to e-sign the student's webform. The parent can them create an account or login to their previously created account and e-sign the form. Once the parent e-signs the form, the step is automatically marked as completed. If enabled in the schools's communications settings, the student receives an email that the form was signed. Please click the link for more information on parent e-sign.


Tasks that have download steps are used for documents that the student needs to either complete in person like the Statement of Education Purpose or that someone who is not a parent or student (advisor, third party) needs to complete and/or sign (academic plan, withdrawal form, etc.).  The student selects the download button to download and print the form. Most download buttons have a corresponding upload button.



Tasks that have upload steps are used for the student to upload specific documents into StudentForms. In some cases the student may not be able to upload the document and requires the school user to upload the document on their behalf i.e. Statement of Educational Purpose.  If the student has an upload step, they select the upload button. 

If the student is using a computer, they may select the document from the location where the pdf or image is saved on their computer. If the student is using a mobile device, they have the option to take a picture or upload an image/file from their device. More information on mobile functionality.  

Once the student uploads an image or document, they are presented with a review screen to use their upload or discard and upload another file/image.

Once they choose the use button, the student is given the opportunity to add additional pages. If they were using a mobile device, they would choose add pages to take additional pictures of documents if needed. 


If a student selects an option in a webform or task that requires them to perform an action on an external website i.e. FAFSA or Selective Service, they receive a link that redirects them to the appropriate website.

This step is either requires subsequent ISIR or the student to upload confirmation before it allows the student to submit the task.

Steps with Options

Tasks that have steps with options require the student to select an option from a drop down menu(s) to determine which documentation or action the student is required to complete.  The student selects the drop down menu.

The student then selects an option that best fits their situation or documentation that they will provide.  Some options have additional options once they are selected.

Once the student completes all selections, they receive additional document uploads based on the options chosen or may receive a link to go to an external site to complete an action.

Submitting/Editing Tasks

After the student has completed all steps within a task, they receive the Submit button.

Clicking the Submit button sends the document to the school side for review.  The student is able to edit their task up until the point that they select the finish button after all tasks have been completed. To edit a task, they select the edit button.

StudentForms runs a nightly process to auto-submit any task where all of the requirements have been met to submit, but has been left unsubmitted. If all steps within a task are satisfied but the student has not submitted the task, the application will automatically submit on the student's behalf. If at least one step is unsatisfied, then the task remain as is. A few exceptions to note where the application will not auto-submit a task:

  • Any task where the student is required to go back to FAFSA on the web, as only a subsequent ISIR can clear it
  • Any task in an expired transaction
  • Any task outside of the institute's active award years

Once the student has completed and submitted all tasks, they have a final finish button. Selecting the finish button prevents the student from making any further changes to their tasks. The selecting of the final finish button may be automated in school settings by a school user with Admin access.

 Additional Task Information


Please Note: 
If the student believes the steps/uploads are incorrect within a task that has a webform or a step with options, the student may need to change their options within the webform or task.  To edit a webform, the student needs to select the fill out button. To edit a step with option, the student needs to select edit on a task that has been submitted.

If they opted out of e-sign, they will need to select the download button and then upload the updated signed webform. The re-signing or downloading of the webform is what causes the steps to re-evaluate.

Student - How Tasks Are Assigned

Tasks in StudentForms are populated for the student based on the information that is found on the student’s most recent ISIR transaction. 

  • StudentForms uses comment codes (c codes and rejects), dependency status, verification tracking group, the IRS request flags, the IRS display flags(17-18), and IRS data field flags (18-19), to determine what tasks are assigned to a student’s record. 
  • The student’s task list appears at the time the transaction is created. 
    • For subsequent award years, the tasks are only generated after the the new award year's ISIR has been imported into StudentForms and the student logs into their account.  
      • School users may also request the transaction be opened for the new award year to view tasks prior to the student logging in.
      • StudentForms has a new award year reminder that when enabled is sent to students who have already created their account once the ISIR for the new award year is imported into StudentForms.
  • A task count indicator appears on the Aid Year Tab to indicate how many tasks the student has to complete.

The information that the student provides within each task determines the documents the student is required to upload into StudentForms. If the student believes that they have an upload request that is not applicable to them, they should review the options or information provided previously within the task.

Please review the list of student tasks based on comment code here.