A student can upload a file in the following formats: PDF, PNG, BMP, or JPG.   If the student tries to upload a format that is not allowed they will receive a message with the acceptable file formats.

If the student is unable to upload their document in the current file format it is saved in, they can try to save the document in another format.

For example:

  • Student has document scanned and saved in computer as a Word document.  Student can try to take a picture of the document using their phone, tablet or digital camera and uploading the document as an image.
  • Student is trying to upload an image of the document. Student can try to scan the document and upload as a PDF.

If the student needs to convert a Word or Excel document, they would need to open the document.

  • Select File (upper left on screen)
  • Select Save As
  • In the Save as Type dropdown, select PDF
  • Select Save

Please Note: In some instances a student uploads a video or gif file saved as acceptable format. If in document review the document scrolls automatically through the images quickly, this is an indicator that they have uploaded this type of file.  The document will need to be rejected and the student must upload the file as individual images or as a PDF.