Please Note: If you are a student or parent user STOP and contact the office of Financial aid at the student's college/university for assistance. The information below is intended for the Office of Financial aid users only. It will not provide information for the student or parent user. If you are a student or parent user and provide feedback, you will receive a response to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university.

Parent - E-Sign Request


After a student has e-signed their document, they are presented with a step to request parent signature. 

For ISIRs, the parent must pass the check with the Social Security Administration on their Name, DOB, and SSN for the student to get the e-sign option. 

  • If at least one parent does not pass the check, the student is automatically opted out of e-sign. 
  • If the parent does not have a SSN and enters all zeros for the parent SSN on the FAFSA, the check with SSA is not performed and the parent is not eligible for e-signature. 
  • If only one parent passed the check with the SSA, the student may only send the e-sign request to the parent who passed the SSA check.

For Cal DREAM ISIRs, the parent is able to have all zeros for their ssn and create an account, as long as they can provide all required information and match to the Cal DREAM ISIR.

Please note:The parent cannot create an account or view documents for e-signature until the student sends the e-signature request. 

  • If the parent is unable to create an account or does not see any documents to sign after logging into their account, the school user should check the Student View tab for the task requiring e-signature to make sure the student has sent the request. If you see the text "Student has not initiated a signature request.", the student has not sent the request to the parent.

To request the parent signature, the student selects the Request button

The request parent e-signature screen opens. The student must:
  • Select which parent they would like to sign 
    • StudentForms only presents the parent(s) listed on the FAFSA or DREAM Application for the e-signature request
    • Parent must have passed the check with the SSA check with a value of 4 to be eligible for e-signature (ISIRs only, does not apply to DREAM ISIRs)
    • If parent does not pass the SSA check, the student does not have the option to send the request for e-signature to the parent (ISIRs only, does not apply to DREAM ISIRs)
    • If neither parent has passed the SSA check, the student would not be allowed to e-sign their document and must download, print, sign (both student and parent), and then upload back into StudentForms.(ISIRs only, does not apply to DREAM ISIRs)
  • Enter the parent's email address
    • Email must be different than student's email address
  • Confirm the parent’s email address
  • Select the Send Request button

  • Once the request has been sent to the parent, the student is not able to edit their form unless they cancel the request
    • To cancel the request the student selects the cancel request button
    • The student can edit their request by selecting the edit request button

Please Note: If the student cancels the request, the parent is not able to create an account or able to see the document to e-sign until the student sends the request again.

Once the student has sent the request, the school user is able to view the parent and email address to whom the signature request was sent to in the Student View tab:

Please Note: Only the parent that the student selects to send the request to is able to create an account or e-sign a document.  i.e. if the student selects parent 1, only parent 1 is able to see the document to e-sign.

After the request is sent to the parent:

  • The parent receives an email containing a link to create an account.
  •  After the parent clicks the link they are taken to the parent create account screen.
    • If StudentForms finds an existing parent account matching the parent information on the most recent FAFSA (SSN, DOB, First Initial), the link will redirect them to login instead of creating an account.

For more information on how a parent creates an account, please review the Parent - Account Creation article.

After a parent account is created, they are taken to the login screen to login using their username and password. Once logged in, the parent has the opportunity to review the document.

Parent selects the preview button The form not approved and opt out of e-sign buttons are informational only.
  • The form not approved, lets the parent know if there are corrections needed, the student must make the corrections.
  • The opt out of e-sign button lets the parent know if they do not want to e-sign, their student must also opt out of e-sign.

If everything looks correct, the parent enters their password into the e-sign password box and selects the e-sign button. This is the same password used to log into their account. The parent receives a success message once the e-signature is applied. The student receives an email and/or text message after the parent has e-sign the document if messaging is enable by the school.

Parents with multiple students attending the same institution

As of July 2nd, 2020 StudentForms allows a single parent account to be associated to multiple student accounts at the same institution. If a student requests an e-signature from a parent, StudentForms will check for a parent account that matches the parent information(SSN, DOB and First Initial) on the most recent ISIE. If StudentForms finds a parent account matching the parent information on the ISIR, it will automatically associate the student's e-sign request to the parent account. Once the parent logs into their account, there will be a drop down for the parent to select which student for whom they need to e-sign a document.

The parent may toggle between the two students to preview and sign documents that are ready for e-signature. 

Please Note: If the parent created multiple accounts prior to July 2nd, 2020 the accounts will remain separate at this time. If the student only requested the e-signature but an account has not been created prior to July 2nd, 2020 the parent will receive a message that the student needs to re-send the request due to changes made. This will allow them to create a parent account using the new process.