After the student e-signs a document and sends the e-sign request to the parent, StudentForms only allows the student to make corrections to a web form. This is to ensure that both the student and parent are signing the same version of the document and to ensure that no corrections were made after the document has been e-signed by the student. 

Once the e-signature request has been sent to the parent and the parent determines a correction is needed or the parent does not want to e-sign, the student must complete the following steps. 

Please note: If the parent has already e-signed the web form, the student would skip step number 1. Once the parent e-signs the web form, the Cancel Request button is removed.

1) The student must sign into their StudentForms account, cancel the e-signature request sent to the parent by selecting Cancel Request. 

Please note: Once the e-sign request has been cancelled, the parent may not create an account if one was not created or e-sign a web form until the student requests the e-signature.

2) Select the Fill Out button to edit the document.  

3) Once in the web form, the student can make any necessary corrections. 

4) The student is required to e-sign the document again after the corrections have been made. The process of the student e-signing is what re-evaluates any steps that appear based on the information provided in the form.  

5) After the student e-signs the document, the student must send another request for parent signature.

Please note: If the student is opting out of e-sign because their parent did not want to e-sign, they will go to the review and sign screen and turn on the opt out of e-sign.

If the parent has already signed the web form prior to the corrections being made, the student would only need to click the Fill Out button to make corrections, the Cancel Request button is removed after the parent has e-signed.