For direct sign on schools (users see the secure login screen below)

The school user navigates to their school specific VerifyMyFAFSA URL.

On the login screen, the user enters their username and password. 

Once the username and password have been entered, they select the login button.

If the user has forgotten their username or password, they can use the links on the login page.

New users are added by a school user with StudentForms administrator access. After the administrator has created an account, the school user receives an email to create a password.  The username is provided to the new school user by the school administrator.

Please note: The email may go to the junk or spam folder of the school user's email.  The link for the password creation will not work when in a junk or spam folder.  

Once the school user clicks the link in the email, they are taken to the reset password page to create their new password for their account.

For schools with single sign on (schools users log into their school portal)  integration with StudentForms, the user logs in using the username and password for their school portal. If the user has forgotten their username or password, they will need to contact their school portal administrator.