After logging into StudentForms the school user is on the workflow page. There are several different screens that may be reached through the menu bar, workflow queues, search box, help links and user profile.

1.   Help

2.   User Profile/Logout

3.   Notification Bar

4.   Menu Bar

a.   Workflow

b.   Reports

c.   Admin Menu (only viewable for administrator)

5.   Search Box

6.   Award Year Filter

7.   File Review Workflow

8.   Document Review Workflow

9.   Document Retrieval

10. Appeal Workflow

11. Other Documents Review Workflow


A link to the StudentForms knowledgebase that contains FAQs, how to information and training videos.

User Profile/Log out

The user profile/log out can be accessed by clicking on the user name in the top right corner of the page.

  • Selecting settings allows the user to update their first name, last name, email and password.
  • Selecting the log out option logs the user out of the system.
    • Please note: If your school utilizes SSO, you will not be logged out of your school portal and would be able to return to StudentForms without having to log back in.

Notification Bar

Menu Bar

The menu bar consists of the options Workflow, Reports, Admin.  

  • The workflow page is the default page upon login.  This page includes the different workflows a school user may need to complete review.
    • File Review - Used by FAO and Admin users to review Verification and C code files 
    • Document Review - Used by FAO, Document Reviewer, and Admin users to review individual documents
    • Document Retrieval - Used as an imaging system to store all documents submitted by the student.
    • Appeal Review - Used by SAP, PJ and Admin users to review appeals
    • Other Documents - Used by Generic Transaction Admin to review documents that are not required for verification, c code resolution or appeals.
    • 399 Workbench - Used by FAO and Admin users to clear ISIRs with a c code 399 Only for 2017-2018
  • The reports option has reports for the school user to review inflow/outflow, aging, transaction status, and the download for reporting of V4/V5 verification results.
  • The admin menu option is only available for users who have administrator access; this menu contains school users, school settings, ISIR imports and ISIR corrections, IP reporting, expire transactions, and bulk action options.

Search Box

The school user can utilize the search box to search for a specific student.

Award Year Filter

File Review Workflow

The file review workflow contains the students who have completed all of their tasks and selected the finish button.  A School may choose to review only complete files (all required documents have been submitted) by using the file review workflow.  They may also use the file review workflow if they have a school user who only reviews documents and then another school user completes the file review once the status has gone into reviewing file.

The school user can either select:

  • “Get next file” to review the student in the queue who has the oldest aging
  • “View all” link to display the entire workflow queue.  

The workflow includes two transaction status options, ready for review and review completed. 

  • The ready for review list includes files that the transaction status is either reviewing uploaded document(s) or reviewing file.
  • The review completed list includes files that the transactions status is either verified or processing corrections.

Pended files show in the ready for review queue and are only viewable by selecting view all.  

Both workflows may be sorted, filtered or exported into an excel file. The school user also has the ability to filter the workflow by award year.  

**Pended files are skipped using the “Get Next File” button.

Document Review Workflow

The document review workflow queue contains documents as they are submitted by the student for each individual task.  Schools that would like to provide real time feedback on documents as they are submitted or have review duties split between document review and completing verification or c code resolutions, may choose to have one person review documents and then another complete the file review.  The documents that are included in the document review workflow queue also appear at the top of the file review page for each student.  

The school user can either select: 

  • “Get Next Document” to review the document that has the oldest aging in the queue.  
  • “View all” link will show all of the documents that are in the document review workflow queue.  

Once a document has been accepted or rejected it is removed from the document review workflow queue. Pended documents show in the queue when using the “view all” link. 

**Pended documents are skipped using the “Get Next Document” button.

Document Retrieval

The document retrieval is only available for FAO and Admin Users.  After a file is in a verified transaction status or the account is deactivated, the documents that the student uploaded into their account are available for download. Once the documents have been downloaded, the school user can upload the documents into the school imaging system or other system that keeps the student’s verification documents for the student’s file.

Please Note: Once downloaded, the documents remain in the document retrieval for 14 days. After 14 days, the documents are available through the individual student's account.

Integrations are available for a school to retrieve documents into their imaging system from StudentForms.  School must have sso with StudentForms prior to integrations.

Appeal Review Workflow

After the student has completed all of their tasks for their appeal, the student is available in the appeal review workflow.  The school user can either select "Get Next Appeal" to review the appeal that has the oldest aging in the queue or select the "view all" link to view all appeals in the workflow. Once an appeal has been reviewed it is moved to the reviews completed section of the appeal review workflow.

Other Documents Review Workflow

The school may choose to collect other documents in StudentForms that are not part of verification, c code resolution or an appeal.  These may be items like Authorizations for Title IV Credit Balances, Student's Rights and Responsibilities that the school may want to collect but do not want the collecting of these documents to hold up verification, c code resolution or an appeal.  If you would like to utilize StudentForms for other documents, please contact your Customer Success Manager.