A school user can a student's tasks by clicking on the Student View tab within the transaction type that the school user has selected. The student view tab is available for all transaction types: Verification, SAP and PJ. 

To navigate to this portion of the site a school user begins by searching for the student who needs assistance and selecting the transaction type from the drop down options.

If the student has multiple transactions within student verification i.e. 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 verification, a drop down is available for the school user to choose the transaction they would like to view. 

If the school user navigating to the student's transaction page from the search the default view is the student view tab.  If a school user is navigating to the the student's transaction page from the workflows, the file review tab is the default view. Select the student view tab on the student's transaction page. 

All school users can view a student’s tasks and expand or collapse a task assigned to a student. To view additional detail within a given task, click on the task.

School users may also view documents uploaded by the student prior to the student submitting them to the school (selecting the submit button) through the student view tab. If a document has been uploaded by the student it will appear as a link underneath the step with the upload. Selecting the link will open a preview of the document.

Users also have the ability to edit tasks and or upload documents on behalf of a student if they have the required permissions. 

The Statement of Educational Purpose, immigration documents and eligible non-citizen documents must be uploaded by a school user; the student should never have the upload option for these tasks**. 

**New guidance released May 2015 allows schools to now accept photocopies of immigration and eligible non-citizen documents from the student.  StudentForms allows a student to upload immigration and eligible non-citizen documents when the setting is enabled by the school. When enabled the citizenship tasks require the student to complete an affidavit and provide a government issued photo ID in addition to their citizenship documents.

Please Note: The school user does not have access to the fill out button for the web forms and is prevented from making any changes to the web form.