A student selected for the V4 or V5 verification groups, is presented with the task Statement of Educational Purpose.  Due to the requirement for the student to complete the form in person or to get the statement notarized and turn the original document into the school, the student is prevented from uploading the statement of educational purpose.  It is the school’s responsibility to collect the original statement of educational purpose and upload it into the system.  The student must either create an account or the school must create a transaction for the task to become available to upload the statement of educational purpose by the school.  

The school user searches for the student by using the search box on the menu bar. After searching for the student and selecting the appropriate student from the search results, the school user selects the transaction type Verification from the drop down options.

Click on the Statement of Educational Purpose task. The task expands to show all of the steps to complete the task.

  • The school user uploads the statement of educational purpose by selecting the upload button. 
  • The open file screen appears, the school user must select the statement of educational purpose document that corresponds to the student.

Note: The school official must have a digital copy of the completed form available on his/her computer during the upload process.  Once the file has been uploaded, the document opens in a PDF viewer.

  • If the document is legible, select the use button. 
  • If the document is incorrect or is not legible select the discard button and upload a new version of the document. 

Once the use button has been selected, the “add additional pages” screen appears. If additional pages need to be added select add, otherwise select no. After the school user has finished, the school user returns to the student task view screen.

If school policy permits, the school user may select the submit button to submit the document to the school for review.  

If the school policy does not allow for the school user to submit tasks on behalf of the student, and the school has chosen to use StudentForms notifications the student receives an outstanding task reminder to submit the outstanding task. 

Note: Student does not have ability to see uploaded statement of educational purpose or change the uploaded document.