StudentForms allows the school to decide if they allow the student to upload their own citizenship documentation or if the school continues to upload the citizenship documentation on the student's behalf.  

If the school allows the student to upload their own citizenship documents, this requires the student to complete an affidavit and provide a government issued picture ID in addition to the citizenship documentation.

If the school does not allow the student to upload their own citizenship documents, a school user is required to upload eligible non-citizen documents and immigration documents. U.S. Citizenship documents are still able to be uploaded by the student.  

The school must review the original documents to determine their authenticity.  Once the school determines that the documents are authentic they may copy the documents and upload them into the application following the same process as for Statement of Educational purpose. 

The upload step appears under the citizenship status c code tasks for c codes 141, 142, 146.

Please Note: The department of Education released guidance in May 2015 that allows students to now submit copies of immigration or eligible non-citizen documents to the school.  A school now has the option to turn on the setting to allow students to upload their citizenship documents.  This setting is located in the Admin menu -School Setting - Documents tile.

The DCL from May 2015 allowing schools to accept scanned, photocopied or imaged eligible noncitizen documents may be viewed here.