The document status has several indicators the status of the document, an icon indicating the status and a visual difference in the appearance of the document type. 

The document statuses are:

The icons in the first column of the document review section of the file review screen indicate the status of the document. 

  • A reviewed document is indicated with a check mark icon. 
  • A pended document is indicated with a clock icon.
  • A rejected document is indicated with an X icon. 
  • A document not reviewed does not have an icon.

The document type column also contains an indication of document upload status.

  • A document that has not been uploaded is indicated by plain black font.
  • A document that has been uploaded is indicated by a clickable link to open the document.

The status column indicates the document status by text in addition to the icon in the first column.

Document Review Discrepancies Button

When a student has submitted multiple versions of the same document and the school user has completed data entry on each document, StudentForms checks the document values and identifies what information has changed between the versions of the same document.

  • If there is a discrepancy between the versions the school user is notified with the button to view the discrepant information.
  • The discrepancies button is only a notification for the school, it does not require action. 
    • If the most recent version of the document has the correct information, no further action is required.  
    • If the school would question the changes to the documents submitted, they may do so by either rejecting the document or requesting information.

To review the previous versions of the document select the show previous versions check box above the documents grid.  This will allow the school user to select the prior versions of the documents that have the discrepancy.

Viewing Previous Versions of Documents Submitted

Yes, a school user can view all versions of a document that has been submitted on the Student Page in the File Review tab.  To view both inactive and active versions of a document, place a check mark in the Show Previous Versions box.  All versions appear in the document grid.