A document is rejected on the document review screen of the application.  A school user reviews the submitted document for completeness. If the document does not meet the school’s requirements the document is rejected using the reject button at the bottom of the page.

When a user clicks on the reject button he/she is prompted to select the reason for the reject and enter instructions for the student. When the student returns to the site to view their task they can view the instructions and complete the task.

In the Reject Document pop up, the school user is required to select a reason for the document rejection from the drop down list.

  • All of the reject reasons except "The document is incomplete (requires additional pages)" require the student to upload the entire document again. 
  • The option "The document is incomplete (requires additional pages)" allows the student to add additional pages to a previously uploaded document.

The school user is also required to enter a comment in the comment box.  ANYTHING typed in this box is visible by the student.  This box should be used to provide the student with detailed instructions on what they need to do to correct or provide for the rejected document.

Once the school user has selected a reason and entered a comment, the reject button becomes enabled.  Selecting the reject button sends a notification to the student (if notifications turned on by the school),  a notification is also placed on the student's task page and an indicator is placed on the student's task.

Document Review - Document Rejected Notification

Email and/or text notifications are sent to the student when a document is rejected if the school has notifications turned on. Email and text templates are available for customization by the school. The task will also reopen in the student’s task list with a warning icon and a message upon log in.