If additional information/forms are necessary to resolve conflicting information, a school user makes the request through the “Request Information” button located on the file review page.

  • There is search functionality on the additional information screen.
  • The documents can be sorted by clicking on the header of a row in the grid.
  • Forms are added by clicking add request.

  • A comment must be entered explaining what the student must provide to satisfy the request.
  • Select the save and close button.
Please Note: Comments entered into the box are visible by the student.

  • To remove a request prior to saving, click the undo add link.
  • Select the save and close button.
  • To remove a request after saving, the school user must select the additional information button, then select the delete request link for the document.

NOTE: If a student has already uploaded the document for the additional information request, the school user cannot delete the request.