Smart File Review contains the ISIR fields that are part of verification or c code resolution. It automatically compares the ISIR fields from the most recent ISIR imported into StudentForms with the highest transaction number to the document values entered during document review. The ISIR fields that show in SMART file review are determined by the comment codes and verification group that show on the student’s ISIR.

Full File Review allows a school user to correct a field that is not a required verification item. A school user has access to all ISIR fields in Full File Review and can use this area of the application to make corrections that arise due to conflicting information. The ISIR fields are broken down in the same format and order of the ISIR; student Info, student and spouse tax info, dependency status, parent info and student household.

Please note: Some ISIR corrections may not be completed through StudentForms. Please see the FAQ article Corrections to process outside of StudentForms 

Full File Review - Confirm/Reaffirm ISIR Value

Reaffirming an ISIR Value

The following steps explain how to create a correction that is actually a confirmation of an existing ISIR value in the system. Confirming corrections are made through Full File Review.

Navigation to Full File Review

  • Search for the student or access the student from file review. 

  • Select Verification from the Transaction Type drop down. If the student does not have a verification transaction available click on Request Transaction to create a generic transaction and access file review.


  • Select Full File Review

  • Click the pencil icon next to the field to be confirmed to open edit mode.
  • Select the confirm checkbox.
  • Click the checkmark icon to save .

The confirmed information will be included in the next correction file batch and will generate a subsequent ISIR. To remove the confirmation flag use the delete icon prior to the correction batch being generated. 

Please Note: There are certain values that may not be corrected in StudentForms. Please review the FAQ article Corrections to process outside of StudentForms