Some ISIR fields appear on multiple documents that the student has uploaded.  For example student’s name, and DOB can appear on both the household form, and birth certificate.  If the student uploads both of these documents into the application and the school user enters different values for each of these fields in document review, StudentForms is unable to determine which value should be used for the document value field, this is indicated with a blank Document Value and Status.  

The school user should first determine if there was a data entry error and correct in document review. If there is no data entry error, the school user determines which document value is correct and which should be used in the smart file review for the document value.

The school user selects the multiple documents link under document type. A modal appears showing the documents that have the same ISIR field but different values entered in document review.

  • The school user must determine which value is the correct value. 
  • The school user leaves the default status for the correct response value.  
  • The status for all of the incorrect values must be changed to ignore.  
This allows for the master status field to be populated with the correct response value and status. Once the appropriate response value status has been set, the user saves their choice by selecting the save and close button. 

If the response value for all of the multiple documents is the same across all documents the status automatically populates on the file review grid and no further action is needed.