New guidance has been given starting with the 2014-2015 FAFSA for persons who are married filing separately and one spouse does not file.  The guidance states that the income earned from work of the non-filer must be added to the AGI of the tax filer and reported in the AGI on the FAFSA.  StudentForms has added a process to identify an independent student or the parents of a dependent student, where this situation applies.  StudentForms displays the AGI Calculation box in the file review tab based on the tax options chosen by the student.  The school user must choose which option applies to the tax filing status of the student and/or parents.

The school user has the option to view the documents that are used in the AGI calculation.  By selecting the view documents button, a document screen opens in a new tab or window depending on the browser used.  To get back to the AGI calculation modal the school user must close the tab or window.

Once the school user determines the correct AGI based on documentation they choose one of the options presented and save. If neither of the amounts are correct, based on the financial aid office’s policy the school user may reject the documents to have the student correct any issues or override in the full file review section.

Additional information may be found in the FSA handbook:

2014-2015 AVG Chapter 2 Page AVG-16 1415 AVG Chapter 2

2015-2016 AVG Chapter 2 Page AVG-16 1516 AVG Chapter 2

2016-2017 AVG Chapter 2 Page AVG-16 1617AVG Chapter 2