The file review is able to be completed once the school user completes the following steps:

  • Enter all required data on the document review screen.
  • Review and accept all documents.
  • Request and receive any required additional information/documents.
  • Reviews each ISIR field listed on the smart file review and ensures each has a status of match, ISIR correction, or ignore.

After these items are done the complete review button is enabled. The user clicks complete review to finish the transaction.

If there are no corrections required, the transaction status will update to Verified. If there are ISIR corrections required, the transaction status will update to processing corrections.

The student is moved from the ready for review to the review completed tab of the file review workflow screen. 

File Review - V4/V5 Verification Result Reporting

After the school user selects the review complete button in the file review screen, the school user will be presented with a pop up box that displays the V4 and V5 Identity verification selections. 

The school user will select the appropriate response from the drop down list.

Once a response has been chosen from the drop down list, the save button will be enabled.  After selecting save, the school user will receive the completed popup box to choose if they want to remain on the student’s file review page or return to the workflow page.  The school administrator can determine if the FAO or the School administrator will be responsible for exporting the verification results to CPS.

Admin Override Button

If a file review needs to be re-opened after the Complete Review button has been selected by a school user, a user with Admin access is able to use the Admin Override button to re-open the review. This allows the school user to request additional documentation, make additional corrections or reject documents back to the student. Using the Admin Override button causes the transaction to go back into a reviewing file status.

Please Note: If the transaction required ISIR corrections, how the correction file is handled in StudentForms depends on when the admin override button is used.

  • If the admin override is used prior to the correction file being batched and downloaded, the correction file is removed when the file is re-opened. Once the school completes the review again a new correction file is generated on the ISIR correction screen.
  • If the correction file has already been batched, downloaded and transmitted through EDConnect or TDClient, the school may receive the corrected ISIR transaction while the file is re-opened. The ISIR values should reflect the values on the corrected ISIR. Once the complete review button is selected again, another correction file will be generated if additional corrections are required.
    • Please Note: If the school has already transmitted a previous correction file, uses the admin override button, completes file review with different or additional corrections, once the corrected ISIR is received from the previous correction file it may re-open the file review due to unexpected corrections.