The school user can view the students who are waiting for ISIR corrections through the file review workflow on the Review Completed screen.  

  • Files that have ISIR corrections pending have the transaction status of Processing Corrections.  
  • Once the corrections are received and no additional corrections are required the transaction status updates to verified.  
  • If there are unexpected changes to the ISIR the transaction is placed back into a reviewing file status for the school to review to determine if additional action is required. 
  • If a subsequent ISIR is received requiring additional documents or tasks for the student, the file goes into a re-collecting documents status.  

The file review workflow grids have the ability for sorting, filtering and exporting a .csv document.

Select View All on the File Review Workflow

Select Review Completed from the Transaction Status dropdown.

The review completed workflow may be exported into a CSV file, or have advanced filters applied. The school user may also click on the column headers to sort.