At times it may be necessary for a school user to open a transaction for a student without the student creating an account.  This may be needed for students who may have completed part of the verification or c code resolution process outside of StudentVerification or if the school user would like to view the tasks that a student is required to complete.  The school user searches for the student , once the student is selected, the school user selects the request transaction link (verification/c codes), request SAP link ,or Request PJ link to open the transaction for the specified type.

The following instructions are for creating a verification/c code transaction.  Please see the articles for creating a SAP transaction or PJ transaction.

On the account tab the school user selects Create Transaction.  A pop up opens with a drop down to select the year for which the transaction is being created. 

Selecting create, creates the transaction for the student.

Selecting cancel, does not create the transaction for the student.

Creating the transaction does not create the student account. Student is still required to create an account to view the transaction if action is required by the student to complete the tasks.

The school user may view the student’s tasks by selecting the transaction type from the drop down options.

The school user can expand the task to view the student's progress within the task by selecting anywhere on the task.

If tasks do not require action by the student, the school administrator may waive the tasks.