Prior to selecting the finish button, the student may select the edit button to edit documents or options selected in tasks.

If the student was required to send their document to a parent for a signature and sent the request, the student must first cancel the e-signature request sent to the parent. After the request is canceled, the student can select the step they would like to edit.

Once the task is reopened for the student to correct or update, if the task is a web form, they would select the fill out button.

The student is then able to correct the web form by selecting the section that needs the update. Once they have finished updating the web form, they must either e-sign the form again or if opted out of e-sign they must re-download the form.  The action of e-signing or downloading the form triggers the subtasks (steps) to re-evaluate. If they are a dependent student, the parent is also required to sign the form and the student must request the parent e-signature if the student e-signed.

If the task was not a web form, the student would select the options in the task if available or upload additional documents within the task.

Once the student has finished the task, they would select the submit button on the task and if all tasks are submitted select the finish button.

Please Note: If the student has selected the finish button and submitted all of their tasks to the school for review, the school user must reject the document to the student to allow the student to edit their document or task.