Prior to the student selecting the Finish button, they may need to make a correction to their web form, task, or uploaded documents. Below is information for how the student makes corrections to tasks at different points within the process.

Student Has Submitted Task (clicked the Submit button)

The student has already clicked the Submit button on the individual task, the student selects the Edit button to re-open the task to allow the student to edit documents or options selected in tasks.  If the task is a web form, they would select the Fill Out button to edit their web form. The student (and parent if applicable) must also re-sign the web form after corrections have been made.

Dependent Student Waiting for Parent E-signature

Dependent students who were required to send a web form to the parent for e-signature, if the parent has not e-signed the web form, the student would select the Cancel Request button. Once the e-sign request has been cancelled, the student would select the Fill Out button to make corrections. Once all corrections are made on the web form, the student must e-sign the form or opt out of e-sign and download the web form.  If the student chooses to e-sign, they would need to request the parent e-signature again if required.

Please note: If the parent has already e-signed the form the Cancel Request button is no longer available, the student would click the Fill Out button to correct the web form. 

Correcting a Web Form

To make corrections for any web form, including Dependent students where the parent has previously signed the web form, the student selects the Fill Out button. 

Please note: For a dependent student where the parent has an outstanding e-signature request, the student would need to use the Cancel Request button to enable the Fill Out button.

Once the student is within the web form, they select the section that requires the correction from the options on the left or they may also navigate to the section by clicking the Continue button on the bottom right of the form. Once they have finished updating the web form, they must either e-sign the form again or if opted out of e-sign they must re-download the form.  The action of e-signing or downloading the form triggers the sub tasks (steps) to re-evaluate. 

Please Note: The parent of a dependent student may also be required to re-sign the form. If the student chose to e-sign a web form that requires a parent signature, the student must request the parent e-signature again.

Correcting Non Web Form Task Types

If the task was previously submitted, the student would first click the Edit button to re-open the task. Once the task is opened/re-opened, the student would select the options in the task if available or may upload additional documents or delete and then upload new documents within the task.

Completing Corrections

Once the student has finished making any necessary corrections, they would click the Submit button on the task. If all tasks are submitted the student would click the Finish button to send the transaction to the school for review.

Please Note: If the student has selected the finish button and submitted all of their tasks to the school for review, the school user must reject the document to the student to allow the student to edit their document or task.