If a school determines that a student’s information requires verification and the student’s ISIR has not been selected for verification by the Department of Education, the school can manually select the student for verification by the following process.


Search for the student in StudentVerification.

Select the Request Verification Link.

In the request verification screen, the request for verification requires the award year to be selected, the verification group and the reason the student is being selected for verification.

  • Select the award year (only award years with ISIRs loaded for the student and not selected for verification by ED are available to manually select for verification)
  • Select the verification group
  • Enter the reason for verification selection
  • Select complete

Selecting Complete will open a confirmation screen.

Selecting Cancel will close modal and not select student for verification.

Selecting confirm will select student for verification.

Once the student is selected it is treated like a Department of Education selected student and will not be able to be cancelled.

Selecting cancel will not select the student for verification.