The Identity Verification Results V4/V5 Export is for students where the verification transaction has been reviewed and completed in StudentForms (i.e. Transaction status is in Verified or Processing Corrections) or the student is selected for V4 or V5 but has not logged in and created an account these automatically show as a response value of 5 (No response from applicant or unable to locate). To identify the students who have started their Identity and High School Completion tasks but have not provided all required documentation to submit their verification transaction for review, the school may use the Unresolved Identity Verification-V4/V5 export to identify these students and report on them within the 60 day reporting requirement. Please see Data Exports - V4/V5 Reports for more information. 

  • The Identify Verification Results-V4/V5 export for allows the school user to create a flat file for reporting the verification results for V4/V5 identity to CPS.  

Identity Verification Results – V4/V5

Beginning with the 2014-2015 aid year, schools are required to report the results from V4 and V5 Identity and High School Completion verification within 60 days of first request for verification documentation. See AVG-79 in the 19-20 FSA Handbook or the November 18, 2016 Electronic Announcement. For V4/V5 students that the school has completed the verification transaction and selects their V4/V5 verification outcome in StudentForms, StudentForms creates a flat file to allow the school the ability to upload the file into FAA Access. The report download is created by going to the Reports screen.

Select the Identity Verification Results –V4/V5 tile.

The Data Export Options screen will show on the screen. 

  • Select the award year for which the verification results are being reported
  • Enter the date range for which the results are being reported.  
  • The school administrator should determine the frequency and date range that is used when reporting verification results. 
  • After the date range has been entered, the user must select which result options are to be reported. 
  • Once the results have been selected, the user must select the export button. 
  • A file is downloaded to the user’s computer for upload into FAA Access.


NOTE: The user will need to make sure that 0 is never selected as this is not a result reported to CPS; it is for internal use only. 0 may be used to help identify students who have an account in StudentForms but has not been verified for V4 or V5.

Once the file is downloaded, the school can then use the file to report its verification results through FAA Access to CPS online.  Below are the instructions from the April 4, 2014 Electronic Announcement.  The full EA may be viewed here.

"Procedures for Uploading Identity Verification Results Files

To use the new flat-file upload feature on the FAA Access to CPS Online Web site, you will follow these steps:

1) Log into the FAA Access to CPS Online Web site.

2) Select Identity Verification Results from the FAA Main Menu. Enter the TG Number for your Destination Point and select the school year you want to report (currently, 2014-2015 is the only available selection). Select Next.

3) On the Results Entry Options page, click Load Results File.

4) On the Load Results File page, locate and select your upload file, then click Upload Results.

5) If your upload is successful, you are returned to the Results Entry Options page, which will indicate the number of records you uploaded.

6) (Optional) Click Remove Results if you want to remove records you uploaded previously.

7) When ready, click Submit to send all identity verification results data to Federal Student Aid. Note: You should complete the submission process after each flat file upload. Each successful flat file upload replaces the data you added previously.

Upon successful completion of the submission, you will receive a confirmation page listing the identity verification results you submitted. Select Print This Page if you want a record of your submission to retain for your records (you cannot return to this confirmation page later to review the results you submitted previously)."