The following information should be included in the ticket or available at the time of calling

  • School you are calling from
  • A concise description of the issue you are encountering
  • Detailed step-by-step directions to reproduce the issue
  • Student information if issue is in reference to a specific student
  • Report information if issue is in reference to a specific report
  • Scholarship information if issue is in reference to a specific report
  • Any error messages or dialog encountered along with the issue as well as the time the issue occurred in order for Support to cross reference the error logs
  • Screen shots of error messages

Information about the machine

  • Operating system (Including version)
  • Browser (Including version)
  • Any additional hardware or software that may be relevant to the issue
  • Ensure the machine encountering the issue meets the minimum system requirements for the product

Recommended Subject Convention

We have created a best practice for naming the subject of your support ticket to facilitate timely responses and routing to the correct support department.

  • Include your school’s URL extension at the start of every ticket
    • Ex: If ABCXYZ's College's URL is, include "ABCXYZ"
  • Add the product it relates to
    • StudentForms = SF
    • CampusCommunicator = CCom
    • ClearCost = CC
    • ScholarshipUniverse = SU
    • CampusMetrics = CM
  • Include the type of request
    • Question
    • Tech Support
    • Product Feedback
    • CCom Revision
    • Custom Form
    • Custom Form Updates
    • Custom Trigger
    • External Scholarship Request
  • Add a brief description
    • Ex: School is receiving a 1010 error when a student tries to create their account
    • Description: Error 1010
  • Combine it all together!
    • Ex: ABCXYZ: SF Tech Support - Error 1010