School users that have been identified as a support contact for StudentForms should have received an email to create an account once they have been added to freshdesk.  Creating an account will allow the school user to view all tickets they have opened for their school. Certain support contacts will have access to view all tickets submitted for the school. This also allows the school user to open tickets directly in the support site instead of creating a ticket by email or phone.

Once the school user has created their freshdesk account they can login here.  Freshdesk also contains the knowledgebase for self help information that is accessible for any school user without having to create an account.

1. Menu Bar

  • Home returns user to home screen.
  • Solutions takes user to the solutions page containing release notes and articles separated by product. 
  • Forums - Known issues either within StudentForms, or general Financial Aid/Higher Ed i.e. information provided by Department of Education or NASFAA.
  • Tickets allows StudentForms support contacts to view and create tickets.
2. User profile options
3. Search for solution articles by key words or phrases
4. Allows StudentForms support contacts to create tickets.
5. Allows StudentForms support contacts to view status of tickets.

6. Shorcut to Known Issues

7. Shorcut to knowledge base articles

Clicking Check ticket status allows the use to review the tickets that they have submitted.