The school user must first review the documents submitted before a transaction can be approved/completed. The following information appears in the document review screen.

  1.  Student's First Name, Last Name and Student ID (if Student ID was not provided, defaulted to last 4 of SSN)
  2. Document type that the document was uploaded into StudentForms
  3. First person to open and review document. Document will lock for a period of time to prevent multiple users from completing review on a document at the same time. If the person no longer has the document open and it is still locked, you may need to close and re-open the document.
  4. Document Values are tied to ISIR fields used in File Review. All document Values must be entered prior to completing the document. The school user may Pend or Reject the document prior to the document values being entered.
    1. StudentForms uses the Field Names from the EDE Technical Reference. Please see Document Review - Document Value Field Names/ISIR Field Names Translation for a chart with the more common field names from the SAR/FAFSA/ISIR. 
    2. Please note: The spouse tax documents are all tied to the Student Income Fields on the ISIR and are labeled as Student's. Please enter the values from the spouse's tax documents and StudentForms performs a tax summation with the student's tax documents on your behalf. There are no spouse specific ISIR fields in the EDE Technical Reference besides Income Earned From Work.
  5. Pagination for files that were uploaded as separate images. StudentForms will combine them into one one document with multiple pages. PDF files are combined to allow scolling down instead of having to use the navigation buttons between pages. 
  6. Document Review Action buttons:
    1. Completed (Accept) the document and any associated ISIR fields are used in the File review section.
    2. Pend a pend icon will be placed in the document grid
      1. Document is skipped over when the get next document button is used
      2. Document is still visible using view all or by searching for student
      3. Pend status remains until document is completed/accepted
    3. Reject allows the school user to send the document back to the student for additional documentation or correction.

How can a school user view the documents submitted by a student?

School users can view the documents that have been submitted by a student on the file review portion of the student page. Click on the link in the column labeled Document Type to pull up a new window where the document is displayed.

School users can review documents uploaded by a student prior to the student submitting the document to the school through the student view tab of the student's transaction page.