The school admin has the ability to manually import ISIRs into the system.  

For schools who have integrations with CLConnect, they would drop their ISIR files into the ISIR Import File on their network and the ISIRs are pulled in on the schedule specified by the school.

Please Note: The ISIR files must be in the same format as they are received in the SAIG mailbox.  StudentForms uses the EDE technical reference ISIR file layout. If you are a Colleague school who uses the DOEI process (you are getting your files from the FA.RECEIVE.DIR to import into StudentForms) and receive an error when importing your ISIR files, please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable a setting for ISIR processing.

The school admin should import all ISIR file message classes into StudentForms, including:  

Most common message classes






Additional message classes you may receive


XX is the two digit trailing award year, i.e. 2018-2019 would be 19, 2019-2020 would be 20.

  • The admin will choose ISIR imports from the admin dropdown menu on the navigation bar.


  • Next, the admin user clicks on the Import button located on the right side of the ISIR Imports page. 

Please note: The file uploaded into StudentForms should be in the same format that is received from the Department of Education, no changes to the file are required.  If your student information system (SIS) or Financial Aid Management System (FAMS) makes any changes to the ISIR file, please ensure there is either a header in the file or a blank line before the first student record.

  • The admin user selects the ISIR flat file(s) that has been received through their TG mailbox and click open to import.

  • The admin user may also open the location where their ISIR files are stored, select multiple files and drag them into the area next to the ISIR import button.

StudentForms has validation and logic in place to ensure the correct file is being uploaded. 

The upload progress bar is orange if the file has uploaded successfully and the file status should go to processing.

The upload progress bar is red if the file is not in the correct format.


Once the file is selected for upload the file will be placed in a processing status.  At this point the file will continue to process, the user does not need to stay on the page.  

Additional information about ISIR file formats may be found here

Additional Information about the ISIR processing into the different columns, please clickhere