If an ISIR correction is rejected by CPS, the school receives an error message via its TG Mailbox. The two categories of rejections for submitted correction records are:


  • Transaction Rejects – A transaction reject prevents the correction record from being applied to the student’s record. If a record is rejected for one or more reasons, the school receives an error report in message class COREXXOP (see EDE Record Level Error Report Import Record layout in the Record Layouts section). No ISIR is created. You may also look at in the processing codes section of the EDE technical reference the table on page 4-44 has the Transaction Reject Error Messages.


  • Compute Rejects – The CPS contains a series of edits that evaluate all incoming FAFSA and correction data for consistency and completeness. These edits apply to all data from electronic, web, and paper input. The CPS does not compute an EFC for a correction rejected for a compute reject reason. However, an ISIR is produced. Correction ISIRs with a compute reject are returned in the IGCOXXOP message class. The reasons for the compute reject are coded on the ISIR in Reject Reason Codes field, positions 1408 through 1421. Refer to the Processing Codes section for information on interpreting these reject codes page 4-40.

For additional information about rejected ISIR corrections please see the EDETechnical Reference.